Step by step guide on how to use this site

As you arrive at Iwonder homepage you will see the page tabs at the top of the page, these page tabs can be clicked and will direct you to each category.
Once you have arrived at the page of your chosen category, scroll down and you will see a forum, first a picture heading/banner, and then a list of text, divided into separate lines, this text is a question/topic that has been asked/started by another member. In the right hand column you will see how many replies the question has had, the date or time of the last response and the number of responses so far.

The question with the most recent response will always jump back to the top of the list.

If you would like to answer a question, click on the actual line of text of the question,(this line of text is referred to as a THREAD) you will see a page that has all of the responses to that particular question, you can read through all of the responses given so far by scrolling down(These responses are referred to as POSTS)There could be more than one page so check for the little page numbers at the bottom right) Once you are ready to reply to the question yourself, Click reply on one of the responses, its a good idea to click reply on the actual response you are replying to.

After you click reply, a message box will appear and you can type your message in that space,once you have done that, click "post message" just beneath the message box.

your message will appear at the bottom of the list of posts, from that point you can click "return to forum, or scroll to the top of the page and use the page tabs.


Just beneath the Header picture/banner you will see an option that says "new topic".
click new topic to ask a question. you will see a box to type the details of your question, and also a space to type the subject of your question.

Fill in both and then click "post message" just beneath the message box.
Your question will then appear on the main page of that category.

Even though the nabble forum will Allow you to type expletives, it is the policy of Iwonder to remove such posts and/or questions that contain this content. keep this in mind when asking or answering a question, full content policy is listed below.

Upload pictures:
To include a picture/image in your post, click "Insert image" above the message box, either browse your own files or submit a URL address. pictures may have to be re-sized to fit into the forum window (a good guide would be approx (700 x 500 pixels)
Place a video in the forum:

find a video you would like to use on either youtube or google video, by the side of your chosen video(on youtube or google video) you should see an option "embed code" (Not available on all video) copy and paste that code into the message box on Iwonder and check the tick that says "message is in HTML format" just above the message box. After you post the message the code will appear as a video.
Personal settings:
By clicking on your own user name you can access your own personal settings, including uploading your own Avatar/profile picture. Also to log out click the little arrow by the side of your user name.
Click Advanced settings to stop e mail alerts.


Swearing is strictly forbidden apart from in mature content category


 Content policy of Iwonder/terms and conditions

 - IWondir is open to the public for user registration and may be accessed by minors.  The site also supports photographic uploads and links to other sites on the Internet. Users of IWonder are expressly forbidden to upload visual material or links that are pornographic, violent, personally defaming or commercial in nature or intent.  Postings which in the sole judgment of the site administrator or forum moderators contain such material will be permanently deleted without warning or notice.  All other material is shared publicly and without restriction; users may not assume a right to privacy in either their postings or their communications to IWonder or its administrator.

 -  Acceptance or removal of postings at IWonder are at the sole discretion of the site administrator and forum moderators, without recourse.  The site owner neither creates nor accepts any legal liability, either from or for content posted to IWonder,  by any user thereof or by himself; nor shall legal liability be created due to actions of any IWonder moderator to remove such material from the site.

 -  Intellectual property rights are both important and a source of legal concerns. If you use the words or creations of another person, then provide a traceable reference. Simply because something has appeared elsewhere on the Internet does not make it public property.  IWonder accepts no legal responsibility for information or images used without attribution;  however IWonder users may take on such responsibility by posting of the unattributed materials of others to the site.

 -  Criticism of another's opinion or thought is acceptable and expected in any public discussion.  However, harassment, defamation, misrepresentation or slander directed against individuals or organizations are not acceptable and will not be tolerated.  The Administrator reserves the right at his sole discretion, either following warning or without warning, to remove postings which include unacceptable public discourtesy. Users who persist in discourtesy may be temporarily or permanently banned from the site, without prior notice.

 - Some postings in forums supported by IWonder may address questions on legal, medical and/or health issues.  Site users are cautioned that it is both illegal and widely considered unethical for doctors to diagnose medical disorders or recommend treatments at a remote distance from the patient across the Internet.  Similar principles pertain to postings by private individuals who lack appropriate professional certifications or licenses.  Information or suggestions posted to IWondir on health or legal issues should be treated as purely educational in nature.  Sole responsibility for verifying the truth and applicability of information taken from this site are assumed by the user thereof.  For medical issues, all readers are urged to develop and rely upon a long-term professional relationship with a licensed medical practitioner.
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